front-1Women in America have a bad situation: very little sexual education in high school, a bombardment of conflicting information from multiple sources online and offline, little in-hospital care before and after birth, short periods of maternity leave, and, worst of all, very few resources for when they inevitably have questions. There is so much confusion that a new mother has to deal with during her pregnancy and after birth, with so many other mothers dictating what they think is right or wrong based on their own experiences.

Not to mention, we also have a culture of mommy-shaming, one that puts an inordinate amount of stress and blame on a mother’s shoulders when she makes her own choices for her and her infant.

No More Mommy-Shaming!

PiknikasMothers are criticized a great deal for their decisions. Any of these dizzying questions will leave opinionated mothers hot-headed: Should you use formula or breast milk? Should you buy purees or transition to food with baby-led weaning? Is it better to give birth with an epidural or commit to an unmedicated labor? Is co-sleeping OK, or should parents have a strict rule of crib-only sleeping? Should a mom commit to cloth diapers, or are disposable diapers a good choice, too? When there are so many opinions and not enough good information, mothers make decisions based on pressure from others and tradition rather than on what’s best for her body and her infant’s growth. Mothers are taught to carry a lot of guilt along with their infants, diaper bags, strollers, and accessories.

Each infant-mother relationship is different, and each mother has the right to make decisions about the health of her new family and should be able to do so without shame or guilt.

A Safe Place for New Mothers

Janet and Alice met in a birthing course ten years ago and were shocked at the variety of beliefs held by many of the new mothers in their class, some based on facts and others on myths, as well as the information being portrayed as “correct” as if it was the only possible right option out there. The aim of the Motherhood Institute is to not only inform with fair information but also to support. For many moms, the experience of having a baby and adapting to motherhood can feel very isolating. The Motherhood Institute is here to let you know that you’re not alone, that you can do it, and that the experience is yours and special.

We want to help you through your pregnancy and ensure that the first few years of your infant’s life are happy and healthy ones!